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Reflex Vest



Keeps Your Dog Visible and Safe!

The Reflex vest is very Lightweight, Flexible and Comfortable with very High Visibility. Ideal for Walking on Trails or in the Woods Day or Night.

Very easy to Track Your Dog and and Keep them in Sight. Excellent for use during Hunting Season in Rural Areas.

Most important of all, Dogs love it too!

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* Lightweight Vest Conforms Easily to your Dog

* Extremely Comfortable with High Visibility

* Velcro Fastening for Quick & Easy on/off and Optimal Fit

* Perfect for Walking your Dog in Dark or Stormy Weather

* Highly Reflective Design is Perfect for Tracking & Keeping Sight if your Dog

* Ideal for Walking off Leash on Trails or in the Woods

* Highly Recommended for Rural Areas During Hunting Season

* 100% Polyester

* Machine Washable