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AllSafe Harness


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An unrestrained dog in a vehicle can be a distraction to the driver, as well as a danger to passengers in the event of a car accident.  In a collision, an unrestrained pet can become a dangerous projectile, injuring itself and others. Utilizing the AllSafe Harness/Seatbelt, you can adequately restrain and protect your pet during your travels.  The AllSafe safety harness is made of sturdy nylon and stainless steel, with chest padding to both protect your pet’s chest and for comfort.

Available in 4 sizes to best fit your dog breed and size:


Size Guide

Please note that all measurements are approximate. Final fit and comfort is individual to each dog.

Size A



Dog Weight

Dog Breed

Small 16.0 – 24.0 11.0 – 32.0 6.4 Up to 33 lbs

Cocker Spaniel


Medium 24.0 – 29.6 20.0 – 40.0 6.8 34 – 66 lbs

Border Collie

Australian Shepherd

Large 25.6 – 40.0 20.0 – 40.0 9.2 67 – 110 lbs

Doberman Pinscher
German Shepherd


X-Large 30.4 – 40.0 20.0 – 42.8 12.0 110 lbs
& above

Great Dane




  • The Original AllSafe Harness is the #1 world’s strongest crash tested dog restraint worldwide, crash tested in both the US and Europe.
  • Proven track record of safety for more than 15 years in Europe.
  • Four sizes available to fit a wide variety of dog breeds/sizes.
  • High-quality nylon and stainless steel construction for durability.
  • Transitions easily from a car safety harness to a walking harness.


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