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MIM Safe Silicone Mat



A flexible, foldable silicone mat for your dog’s comfort, safety and protection.

The MIM Safe Silicone Mat serves to comfort and protect your dog.

Installed in a cage or kennel, the silicone mat will prevent your dog from slipping while providing a soft and comfortable surface for your dog to rest on.

When used on the ground, the MIM Safe Silicone Mat protects against injury and discomfort while insulating your dog from hard, cold and uncomfortable ground.

The MIM Safe Silicone Mat can be used inside a crate or kennel and can be easily removed and transported for use outdoors when traveling, camping or while visiting friends and family.

The MIM Safe Silicone Mat is easy to clean and designed to enhance and support the comfort, safety and health of your dog.

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  • Non-toxic material
  • Anti-slip, waterproof, durable.
  • Soft flexible material easy to clean under sink or with a wet cloth.
  • Withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees
  • Can also be used as food mat for pets indoors.
  • Hand Wash with Warm Soap and Water, Rinse and Allow to Air Dry
  • Length: 33.465 in and width: 19.685 in.

TIP – For best results, please clean the cage with a wet cloth before using the Silicone Mat.

For the VarioCage Double two (2) silicone mats are needed!


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