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About Us

Traveling with their pets, Richard Casey and Janice Iannelli worried about their safety. Driving with two eager 50+ lb canines bouncing and sometimes tumbling around the car was often a stressful experience and clearly dangerous.

With that in mind, Janice Iannelli went on a quest to find a crash tested dog crate designed to keep both dogs and people safe. Her research turned up only one crate proven to meet all criteria – the MIM Safe Variocage from Sweden.

When Casey discovered this exceptional dog crate was not available in the USA, he met with MIM Construction and arranged to become the exclusive importer and authorized distributor for North America.

The Variocage was a hit with customers from day one. Variocage received a 100% buyer satisfaction rating and the business grew purely by word of mouth and customer referrals.

Looking to meet the demands of pet owners, Casey searched globally for other unique, well-engineered, high-quality products. He found KleinMetall, a German company with a superior product line that included the Original AllSafe Pet Harness.

The AllSafe Harness proved to be the strongest, safest and most comfortable pet safety harness in the world. Casey made a deal to bring the KleinMetall product line to North America.

Through research, Casey learned that very few products actually meet the criteria established by safety testing organizations. MIM and KleinMetall have over 40 years combined experience developing crash tested automotive and pet safety equipment.They are unique in their ability to design products that perform when measured against the standards of safety organizations worldwide.

4×4 North America is committed to educating the public about safe pet travel. Once informed, the choice is clear. Nothing compares to the products offered by 4×4 North America.

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