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MIM Safe Variocage: Certified Crash Tested Dog Crates

MIM Safe Variocage

The MIM Safe Variocage is the only certified crash tested dog crates on the market, available in 14 different adjustable sizes, and 4 different models, to meet the needs of both your pet and your vehicle.  Some features include locking doors, built-in key locks, emergency escape hatches, and a unique crumple zone to absorb rear impacts and other vehicle collisions to provide the most complete level of safety for your pets and family. It is constructed of powder-coated steel, rubber floor mats, and can install easily into your vehicle with anchor straps.


MIM Variocage

MIM Safe Variocage – Certified Crash Tested Dog Crates

  • The crash test ratings exceed safety standards in front and rear collision, as well as simulated vehicle rollovers – lessening the potential injuries to your pet and passengers in a real accident.
  • The MIM Safe Variocage is constructed of powder-coated steel, with telescopic tubes, allowing for the adjustment of the cage, if you need to switch vehicles.
  • The rubber floor mat in the base of the Variocage provides a comfortable and easily cleanable surface for your pet to rest while on the go.
  • The unique escape hatch allows you to remove your pet from the cage in the event of a collision when the cage or vehicle door is not able to be opened normally.
  • The construction of the Variocage prevents your dog from becoming a dangerous flying object during impact, being thrown from your vehicle or escaping after an accident. This reduces the risk of injury for all vehicle passengers.
  • The Variocage is rigorously tested and holds a perfect safety track record for more than a decade.
    Crash tested dog crates rated using Government Safety Standards ECE R-17 | ECE-R44



In the above photo, taken shortly after this vehicle has been in an accident, the vehicle is heavily damaged and the driver was taken to the hospital, but the dog traveling in the MIM Safe Variocage left the scene of the accident unharmed.