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Measuring your Vehicle

Measuring your Vehicle for the Variocage

Check to see if your car has a raised sill at the rear cargo entrance. If the sill is raised, you should put something flat under the cage so its doors can open correctly. We recommend rigid foam board insulation to minimize interference with your car’s crumple zone. The floor of the cargo area should be flat.

AMeasure the narrowest usable area across the floor of the cargo area where you would position the crate (Note: The narrowest usable area is often between the rear wheel wells or at the bottom of the cargo door entrance.)

BMeasure the usable length of the cargo floor from the back seat to the door sill (Note: The front & back of the cage are angled. Total cage length is approximately 12˝ narrower at the top.)

CMeasure the height from the cargo floor to the lowest point at the top of the cargo door entrance (Note: Be sure to measure from the top center of the door frame straight down to the floor not at an angle.)



Variocage is adjustable in length. The slope of the front, back and sides are angled so it can easily fit in a typical cargo area. If you have a door with a steep angle, it may not close properly with the crate fully extended. Consider the final adjusted length of the cage to be sure it will offer enough space for your dog.


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