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Traffic Guard

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The Universal Traffic Guard helps to ensure a safer and more relaxed traveling environment for you and your pet by limiting your pet to a specific area of the vehicle. The Traffic Guard securely attaches to the headrests of the seats, allowing for the angle to be adjusted and for the seats to fold down, with the traffic guard still attached.

  • Safe, strong, superior design stays firmly attached
  • Securely mounts to headrests of rear seats, without slipping
  • High-Quality powder coated steel construction, with high-strength brackets and hardware
  • Adjusts to any angle, allowing seats to be folded down even with the guard still attached
  • Can be used with a Variogate, or independently




In a survey by the American Automobile Association, it is cited that 84% of drivers who transport their dogs in a vehicle do not use proper safety restraints. This can increase the risk of serious injuries to both animal and human passengers. Unrestrained dogs can distract drivers, and in the event of a collision, they can strike humans in the vehicle at a significant force. If a pet is thrown from a vehicle during an accident, they could become lost or injured, or become a hazard to other drivers or medical responders. Observing safe travel practices with your pets can help to reduce the risk of serious injury to both human and animal passengers.


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