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MIM Variogate Divider

MIM Variogate Divider

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Product Description


The MIM Variogate Divider is an optional component designed to be used with the innovative MIM Variogate pet transport system.  While the MIM Variogate is designed to confine your pet to the safety of your vehicle’s cargo area, the Variogate Divider allows you to split your vehicle’s cargo area into two separate areas to accommodate two pets.  When used with the Variogate, you also have the option to leave the vehicle’s rear cargo door open (while the vehicle is stationary) to provide your pets with ventilation on warm days, while the Variogate is securely locked for your pets and vehicle protection.

Size Adjustable
Width of
Rear Support
Variogate Long Divider 37.40 – 51.18 30.70 29.72 37.47 lbs
Variogate Short Divider 29.52 – 39.37 30.70 29.72 33.06 lbs


  • The MIM Variogate divider comes in 2 different sizes to best suit your vehicle’s needs.
  • The MIM Variogate divider install easily, with no vehicle modifications required.
  • The MIM Variogate is made by the designers of the Variocage, the only crash-tested dog crate in the world.