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MIM Variocage Compact


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Important Information

Our products have undergone exhaustive and stringent tests performed by the following U.S. and International Safety Testing Organizations.

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The MIM Variocage crash tested dog crates Compact style fits well with vehicles that have a higher sill or threshold that would prevent a traditional Variocage from properly opening. The MIM Variocage compact has a raised cage door, so that it can comfortably clear your vehicle’s raised rear sill, without any modification or platform needed.

The Variocage Compact is available in two different sizes, both featuring the raised cage door to accommodate these types of vehicles. The difference in these two sizes is width. All of the Variocage models feature the careful crash testing and proven ratings known from the name MIM Safe Variocage.


Size Telescoping

Compact -Large
23.62 – 32.28 21.85 25.59 9.05 24.25 lbs 31.1 lbs
Compact – X Large
23.62 – 32.28 25.59 25.59 9.05 28.66 lbs 37.8 lbs



Driving with an unrestricted animal in your vehicle can become a danger to passengers and to itself in the event of a vehicle collision. Even a smaller pet can strike passengers and cause serious injury to itself and others.

  • The Variocage Compact crash tested dog crates have a small overall footprint, leaving additional space for cargo.
  • Crash test cage rating, using government safety standards.
  • Perfect safety track record for more than a decade.
  • Emergency escape hatch to release your pet in the event of an accident.
  • Works alongside your vehicle’s built-in crumple zone to help absorb impacts, while not breaking.
  • Built-in key lock (with key) and additional padlock tab for maximum security.
  • Installs easily with no modifications needed.


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